Michelin® Technical Soles?

POWERED BY MICHELIN® TECHNICAL SOLES - MICHELIN® Technical Soles as the outsoles designers of a unique design for all weather conditions and every environment. The outsoles are equipped with a combination of specially designed rubber compounds and are inspired by unique technical design of world famous brands Michelin® tires.

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lmagine you are redesigning the rules. MICHELIN TECHNICAL SOLES creates high performance outsoles for all weather conditions and every environment. The soles feature a combination of specially engineered rubber compounds and unique technical tread design inspired by world famous MICHELIN tires. 128 years-old MICHELIN know-how in rubber compound and tires have been transfer to the soles to provide technical solution to the footwear world.

lmagine you are redesigning the future, in every condition. ln every possible condition. This is our greatest challenge. Thanks to the tried and tested method that has set MICHELIN apart for over one hundred years, there are no longer unattainable results when it comes to technical soles. Heat, cold, wind, ice, electricity and harmful substances. There are no limits that cannot be breached, there is no future that can not be redesigned.


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