VM® Work & Tight

Occupational and Safety Footwear

antislip outsoles SRC, SRA | natural, brushed upper material

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When choosing footwear is always necessary to choose a footwear that meets all the parameters with not only protection of worker but often with product protection. Occupational, safety and special footwear of the brand VM® in this category is designed especially for indoor use, in a light surroundings without fuels, oils and aggressive substances (halls, fitting shops, clean spaces, etc.). The footwear is made especially from natural materials, brushed materials of the types of Nubuck, Velour etc., which guarantees maximum comfort, convenience and health surroundings for users, with no allergic reactions and unpleasant health problems that often arise with footwear made from various materials. NON-SLIP SRC and SRA outsoles, with fuel resistence, are not resistant to aggressive acids and basis. The footwear must be impregnated and treated according to the technical conditions before use!


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